Caduceus Rules Engine

Caduceus Rules Engine

Targeted information for each user / decision makers

Compress the flood of data and receive real-time notifications, tailored to your area of responsibility. Whether notifications by SMS, mail, Slack or by phone call, Caduceus adapts to your workflow! In combination with the Caduceus Dashboard System, the Caduceus Rules Engine replaces outdated PDF reports.

  • Discover the included Caduceus Actions for Mail, SMS and Slack.

  • Thanks to the template system including dynamic content, you will not only be notified, but you will also see the actual deviations.

  • Integrate third-party IT systems (issue tracker, help desk software, …)

Case Study: Predictive Maintenance for automated warehouses

Case Study: Predictive Analytics for E-Commerce

Functions: Process automation, notifications, dashboards, …

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