Optimize your processes and reduce downtimes!

With our industry 4.0 and IIot platform Caduceus we’ll help you to digitize and automate your production and maintenance processes.

Digital Maintenance

Boost your productivity

Outdated or analogue data are a thing of the past. Step by step, we digitize your maintenance processes and thus reduce the risk of downtime-based sales losses.

Monitoring and Alerting

All your assets at a glance

Monitor your machines live and take your production to the next level of digitization with the help of a predictive maintenance model. In combination with our digital maintenance module, you get a holistic process overview.

Functions that guide your way to performance optimization

Dashboarding and Reporting

Caduceus covers you with a dashboard and notification based reporting function for all your stakeholders. From factory management, to production and maintenance everyone will geht the insights needed and how they want it. The options are various: Live web-based dashboards, reports via Mail, Chat or Phone Call and many more.


With the rule-based automation function Caduceus will set measures and countermeasures automatically due to certain events. 

Are you already using the full potential of your production processes?

You want to be one of the pioneers in your industry and want to break new ground instead of using paperwork and confusing processes? Then let’s talk.

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