Because your company
is too important to rely
on yesterday’s data!

Caduceus, the business monitoring
and maintenance platform for faster,
more targeted and automated data decisions.


Seizing opportunities through rapid deployment and immediate visualization!

Rely on a flexible and scalable data culture in the company. Define goals, measure the results, improve content and automate processes. With the flexible solution from Caduceus, you can do this in no time!

React proactively instead of passively evaluate thanks to real-time information.

Use the real-time notifications for immediate detection of deviations, failures and malfunctions. In this way, you can reduce downtimes and always have your goals in view. Integrate the notifications into your workflow. 

Automate processes and create space for strategic vision.

From dashboard and notification-based reporting, to automatic machine maintenance or optimising your delivery times, everything is possible with Caduceus. Reduce recurring errors and effort!

Are you already using the full potential of your company data and automated processes?

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Case Study: Predictive Maintenance for automated warehouses.

Case Study: Predictive Analytics in E-Commerce

Functions: Process automation, notifications, dashboards, …

Frequently Asked Questions

What is business monitoring?

Business monitoring means that all your systems, machines, IoT devices continuously send data (in real time) to the platform. This gives you real-time insights into all of your company areas. In this way, problems or undesirable events can be quickly discovered and counteracted.

Why should we switch to real-time reporting?

If you want to foresee problems and avoid them before they occur then classic reporting is not enough any longer. Think about applications or gadgets that you use everyday. Many of these real-time tools have replaced analog solutions in recent years. Because they are faster, more cost-effective and create new opportunities.

Why should we replace our existing BI solution?

Some of our customers keep their existing BI solutions for standard reporting and use our monitoring and maintenance system as a flexible additional solution.

How many data sources can be connected?

You can connect any number of data sources to the platform. The agent system enables unlimited data recording. It doesn’t matter whether you have 5 or 1,000 data sources. See also our case study: Predictive maintenance for 1000 automated warehouses.

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