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Caduceus – your universal company tool for the constant monitoring and automation of your business processes.

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  • Reduced costs: By constantly monitoring the business processes, potential problems can be uncovered fast and mitigated quickly.

  • Realtime Monitoring: Your data will be processed and visualised immediately. KPI changes are calculated in realtime and are thus always up to date.
  • Quick and easy to integrate: The most common interfaces are “ready-to-use” and thereby enable a fast implementation.

  • Reduced susceptibility to errors: The data transfer from the monitored systems is automated, which largely eliminates sources of error.

  • Modular expandability: With many standard interfaces, Caduceus can be expanded to customer specifications and is still 100% upgradeable.

  • Customizable at any time: Regardless of whether you want to create a KPI retrospectively or want to customize the appearance of a dashboard, the intuitive Caduceus user interface enables fast online changes.

  • Automated reporting: Caduceus enables the creation of individual reports and saves considerable time through automated reporting.

  • High availability: As a web application, Caduceus is available to you anytime and anywhere. No maintenance times and no upgrade problems!

  • Simplified collaboration: Simultaneous execution of analyzes and visualizations. Access is clearly regulated via authorizations.

  • Raw data availability: Due to the unique event stream, KPIs can be visualized and compared over time. A drill down to the raw data helps.

  • Intuitive handling: Caduceus was developed for universal use, so dashboards and KPIs can be adapted and created without an IT department.

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