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Smart Living – living quality that meets the needs of the 21st century. For you, this means more comfort, more safety and a more efficient use of energy.

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We make your home smarter

No matter if you move in new – or already live in it. Even with existing installations, your intelligent home is possible.
Imagine being able to create your desired ambiance with just one click! Lighting, shading,
Music, TV etc. to your needs!


Each household has around 150 electrical appliances and systems that we use regularly.

These include lighting, shading, heating, music, alarm, photovoltaic and surveillance.

But each device works in isolation – with different controls

They use switches, remote controls, timers and various self-contained systems.

Smart living is networked living!

Xaidat makes your personal Smart Home come true. We network your household for you so that you can control everything with an intelligent control element.

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Fire alarm

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Ventilation / air conditioning

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Water intrusion sensor

Water intrusion sensor

… and much more

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