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How to? More customer proximity in mechanical engineering through data-based solutions

Mechanical engineering companies are facing major challenges in the area of services due to the digital transformation. Nowadays, the speed with which customer concerns are processed plays an essential role in order to not lose them to the competition. Data-based software solutions can contribute significantly to the improvement of both the internal company processes and the relevant customer services. Networked machines create data from which the company can derive important information for itself and its customers. The service business in companies can thus be constructed more agilely and efficiently. Companies profit from the following advantages:

  • Identifying potential for improvement in your own company
  • Development of new business models
  • Competent and fast advice to the customer
  • Long-term retention of existing customers
  • Easier retention of new customers
  • Higher profitability

Why the service business is not a cost centre!

The relationship between a company and its customers becomes more and more complex due to the increasing maturity of digitalisation. At the same time the customers’ demands and requirements are getting higher. It is not the end product which the customer focuses on, but rather the service itself. According to the BCG Digital Services & Service Excellence Benchmark, the service sector represents around 30% of total revenues in Europe and the global market, services for around 54%. The potential of the service business is constantly growing and is responsible for significant profits of companies. Bearing that in mind, customer service is not a cost factor, but a profitable area in mechanical engineering. Therefore, customer service is not a cost centre, but a profitable area in mechanical engineering.

How can customer service be concretely improved through data-based solutions?

In manufacturing and industry, several hurdles currently prevent the implementation of optimal service performance. One of them is a lack of agility in resolving customer concerns. First, it is not possible to always react immediately to your customers’ problems. Second, a lack of information makes it more difficult to provide the suitable customer service. And third, due to the lack of networking between the machines, data is not collected uniformly and presented centrally, which can lead to difficulties in accurate analysis and evaluation. As a result, information is not available fast enough, and the service providing company cannot solve the problem in due time.

The solution is a permanent contact between the machine builder and the customer’s machine via remote maintenance tools and predictive maintenance. The use of remote maintenance results in advantages such as a higher time efficiency regarding the implementation of customer requests. The faster response time increases the customer’s plant productivity. In combination with predictive maintenance, further advantages arise for the customer after the sale of machines, for example the respective machines can easily be maintained against the background of the collected data even before failures occur. This in turn saves the customer time and money and increases customer loyalty.


Customers must always be the center of attention and companies increasingly have to strive to not lose their customers to the competition. Particularly in mechanical engineering companies face big challenges in implementing technological measures to put their customers in the center of their customer service. Through the use of data-based solutions, the loyalty of customers increases and various other positive effects arise, such as a greater efficiency of the company’s internal operations and a better consulting competence in the service business.

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