• Anticipating backlogs an hour into the future

  • More efficient use of personnel

  • Increase in customer satisfaction (faster delivery times)

  • Lower return rate

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Case Study

Predictive Analytics for E-Commerce

Processing orders, picking them, and making sure they get to the customer on time can be challenging. Especially for companies with a large range of products that are stored in multiple warehouses in multiple locations, ordering large quantities can be quite difficult. Such a company from Romania struggled with an enormous number of incoming orders and stored its stocks in three different locations. As it turned out, it was next to impossible to have the right number of people available in each location to process and pick orders. The company used to coordinate the site managers over the phone and ask their colleagues to send people over. They were almost always late – if they were allowed to leave their original posts at all.

Due to the decreasing customer satisfaction and the long delivery times, the company Caduceus decided to implement forward-looking planning.

Complete all orders on time

Thanks to Caduceus, our customers no longer have to dig deep into technical databases to find out how many staff are needed when and where. Management now has a visual overview of incoming orders and the expected backlogs at each location. Since Caduceus also works with foresight, these backlogs can be calculated an hour into the future. This helps ensure that the right number of people can do the workload in each location. The immediate benefit for our customers: During Black Friday, the company succeeded in sending all parcels on time for the first time.

Review of the performance of subcontractors

Caduceus can also be used to monitor the performance of subcontractors. That made it the perfect solution for a Swiss company that sells fitness and lifestyle products. Our customer outsourced the entire logistics to subcontractors. As their business grew, the subcontractors often couldn’t handle the large number of jobs. Unfortunately, our customer was often only informed about this afterwards – when complaints had already been received from the consumers.

Thanks to Caduceus, the company can closely monitor the order backlog of its suppliers. As soon as the number of packages exceeds a predefined number, the management receives a notification. The same solution can also be used to predict how long it is likely to take to fix the problem.

Fast integration and immediate visualization of your processes!

Caduceus can be integrated quickly and easily into an existing environment. Contact us if you would like to find out more about Caduceus and its areas of application.
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