• Increase in customer satisfaction through reduced downtimes

  • Cost reduction in support

  • More efficient replacement of spare parts

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Case Study

Predictive Maintenance for automated warehouses

The company in question is based in Germany, but has more than 1000 automated medium-sized warehouses across Europe. Maintenance so far was both proactive and reactive, which meant the company needed a large number of service personnel across Europe. In addition, the mechanics either checked machines that were working properly or repaired machines that needed urgent maintenance.

Due to the high service costs, our customer decided to switch from preventive and reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance with Caduceus.

Precise maintenance forecast through
Real-time monitoring.

By implementing Caduceus and connecting all robots in the warehouse to the system, all event-based data can be sent to the server. With Caduceus, KPIs that are of interest to the company can be calculated and displayed in automatically generated dashboards or sent via notifications. For example, the number of errors that occur in a warehouse at a specific point in time or during a specific period of time.

However, Caduceus can do more than just generate reports: it monitors in real time and notifies users when it detects a certain pattern, and very accurately predicts when maintenance is required. The application was installed on the computers completely remotely. Dashboards were generated automatically, which saves a lot of time.

Reduce support costs, increase customer satisfaction.

The solution turned out to be groundbreaking. Previously, our customer received a report every 24 hours, which made it very difficult to find out if something was wrong with a machine. Instead of having to read reports retrospectively and then analyze them, those responsible for maintenance receive a notification informing them of what has happened – via SMS, email or even an (automated) phone call – and can take immediate action .

With Caduceus, our customer has both quickly aggregated reports and real-time visualizations of every machine at hand. Not only do they have random statistics, but they also have a complete view of all robots so they can quickly compare machine performance. When a customer called early to report a problem, it was difficult to know when and where it arose and if it was an isolated incident or if further action was needed.

Thanks to Caduceus, the company is now always in control and can predict maintenance before it is needed. And if problems arise, you can react quickly and precisely.

Fast integration and immediate visualisation of your processes!

Caduceus can be integrated quickly and easily into an existing environment. Contact us if you would like to find out more about Caduceus and its areas of application.
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