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The Git Workshop for your company. Practice-oriented, up-to-date and informative. For all developers, users and converters from or to Git.

Git Workshop

  • Target group: Developers and users of version control systems

  • Duration:3h online workshop (90min workshop, 30min break including questions, 90min workshop)

  • Price: from € 349 per person plus VAT (min. 3 or max. 8 participants per course)

  • Requirements: Own laptop with git installation and network access

  • Dates: according to customer requirements


(The actual workshop content depends on the requirements and wishes of the course participants)


  • Architecture and Fundamentals of Git
  • Distributed version control and the available options
  • Potential pitfalls for newcomers to distributed version control
  • Branching & Merging


  • Code review based Git workflow with pull requests
  • Write high quality history for easier debugging and higher project quality
  • Finding bugs and testing with git support
  • Recover accidentally deleted history
  • Secure Shell (SSH) for Git – and beyond!


  • Video call to clarify the desired workshop content
  • Offer
  • Scheduling
  • Execution of the workshop
  • Evaluation and Feedback Report
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