Mario Landgraf, Xaidat Senior Software Engineer


DevTernity 2018 Recap

“How about checking out a different conference this year?”

That question sparked a week-long investigation of conferences not matching "^.*xx.*$" and the decision to attend DevTernity 2018 in Riga, Latvia.

How and where

Having grown steadily since its inception in 2015, DevTernity looked really enticing. So we booked, marked our calendars and on the day before the conference Mario and I took a flight to beautiful Riga.

Devternity 2018 was two days long. The first day consisted of three tracks with international speakers, talking about a variety of subjects from software architecture, development craftsmanship to leading and mentoring fellow developers.

The second day capped the conference with a number of day-long hands-on workshops to develop and hone our skills.

First day: Talks

After the keynote by the famous Venkat Subramaniam (always a good sign) three tracks ran their course throughout the day.

All three tracks offered very interesting talks and even though we coordinated which talks to visit we inevitably missed a few gems. Fortunately, the talks will be available on the conference’s youtube channel soon so we’ll be able to catch up to those we missed and refresh our memories (and notes) of those we saw.

Second Day: Workshop

The second day consisted of day-long workshops. Spaces were limited so it was necessary to reserve slots for the workshop we wanted. Again, the choice was difficult as all the options looked very good.

We opted for the Surviving Legacy Code workshop lead by J.B. Rainsberger which turned out to be a great decision.


We’re very happy that we decided to attend Devternity 2018 and I personally am looking forward to our next chance to visit Riga.

Fotos: Mario Landgraf