Realtime business monitoring and compliance

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Monitor with Dashboard

CADUCEUS provides you and your team a full overview over your business metrics wherever you are and whenever you want in realtime.
Share Dashboards with your team members and help them to improve their productivity.

With the Agent based system CADUCEUS can easily consume realtime data from your existing IT systems with little to no changes necessary.
Ready-to-use Agents can connect to databases and webservices allowing you to view realtime metrics – no software development required.

Monitor every metric you want.
Get realtime insights.
Customize your dashboards.

Productivity Improvement with CADUCEUS

We implemented CADUCEUS for a leading fashion retailer who struggled with long delivery times due to dynamic productivity bottlenecks.

CADUCEUS now calculates and predicts bottlenecks in the logistic chain one hour in advance,
allowing preventive optimizations and thus improves delivery times and the number of fulfillments.